You Know You're a Stoner When

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Do you enjoy occasionally partake in the joys of a little, shall we say, “wacky tobacc-y?” Do some of your pals enjoy a bit of herb-induced relaxation? Well if 4:20 is the most sacred time of the day, you may sometimes wonder where the line between being a dabbling doper and shameless stoner actually is. After all, what is a stoner exactly? And how does one know if they fall into this elite class? If you’re ready to find out the truth about your stoner status, gather your concentration and check out this handy list of “you know you’re a stoner when” situations.

While the occasional craving for munchies does not the stoner make, the ability to MacGyver a bong out of almost any common household item on the fly may indeed be a sign of stoner status. Below you’ll find more tell-tale signs of stoner-dom, such as excessive air-freshener purchases or creative use of hair-pins that in no way actually involve pinning hair.

So if you’re ready to see how you measure up, come on in. That is, unless you’ve stopped at least once during the reading of this paragraph in order to roll a joint, blunt, or any other object containing weed. In that case, you are most certainly a stoner, but are more than welcome to enjoy these fun stoner pics, stoner jokes, and stoner stereotypes anyway.
  • 1

    If You've Ever Forgotten What You Were Saying While You Were Still Saying It

  • 2

    When You Found the Solution to All Life's Problems and Your Only Problem Is Remembering It

  • 3

    When You Think Weed Is the Answer to, Like, Everything

  • 4

    When Everything Is the Best Everything Ever

  • 5

    When Everything Everyone Says Is Hilarious

  • 6

    When You Swear There Are Hidden Weed References All Around Us

  • 7

    When You Can Make a Bong Out of Anything in the Produce Aisle

  • 8

    When You Feel Unusually Connected to Mother Earth

  • 9

    When You're Totally High Right Now

  • 10

    When You Solve Problems by Staying Too High to Remember Them

  • 11

    If You're Already Laughing Along With These Guys

  • 12

    If You Filled in the Blanks Immediately

  • 13

    When You Consider Bud the Fifth Food Group

  • 14

    When This Has Happened to You. More Than Once.

  • 15

    When Hair Pins Are Not Just for Hair

  • 16

    When Everyone Knows Your "Secret Ingredient"

  • 17

    When This Is a Staple on Your Shopping List

  • 18

    When You Present Your Girlfriend With This on Valentine's Day

  • 19

    When You Can't Remember the Last Time You Were Sober

  • 20

    When You Accidently Fall Asleep on the Job