15 Tips And Tricks For Young Adults Going To A Casino For The First Time

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Casino veterans: vote up the best tips for a young adult's first time visiting.

Going to a casino for the first time can be as daunting as it is exciting. Do you picture yourself with a fancy drink while gambling and winning tons of money? Well, it's not quite like that every time. But you can try to make the best of your time there if you follow these tips for your first time at a casino! Take notes and vote up the most helpful casino tips and tricks!

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    Go There To Have Fun, Not To Make Money

    From Redditor u/Irish_Whiskey:

    Go there to have fun, not to make money. Have a firm cap on how much you want to spend before you enter the door. Leave, or just do free stuff, once you have. Do not for even a second believe the bullsh*t that is a "hot streak." Statistics don't lie; winning nine times in a row doesn't change the odds on your 10th try.

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    Don't Gamble Drunk

    From Redditor u/WendeeeCZ:

    Don't gamble drunk, unless you plan to lose everything.

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    Don't Bring Your Credit Card

    From Redditor u/HeyLookASquirrel2017:

    Leave your debit/credit cards in the car. Take cash out before you get there.

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    Stay Alert

    From Redditor u/Pebbles1388:

    Don't Drink Alcohol. Take X amount of money... Let's say $100 just for the sake of this discussion. At some point, IF you make double your money or you feel like you have enough... put your original $100 in your pocket and leave it there. Your night of playing is now free because the only money you are now playing with came from the games. After you put this money away, under no circumstances touch it. You might also consider adding to the no-touch pocket throughout the night if you are doing really well. If you can't leave it alone, maybe you should consider not gambling. No person goes to a casino thinking, "I am going to become dependent on gambling," but it does happen. Stay aware of the situation and how much you are spending. You never know if gambling is going to be a problem for you unless you try.

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    Learn How To Play And Practice Online

    From Redditor u/donottouchwillie1:

    Learn how to play the games and practice online a lot before going; don't get drunk or high while playing; set a limit for losing and leave if you reach it; quit while you're ahead when you're winning.

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    Don't Fall For The Cute Waitress Trick

    From Redditor u/DravenPrime:

    Those attractive waitresses who sometimes bring you free drinks don't really like you. They're trying to keep you in the casino spending money.

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