15 Cleaning Tips For Young Adults Living Alone For The First Time

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People who live alone: vote up the best cleaning tips for a young adult's first time flying solo.

One of the first things you'll learn when living alone is that the house doesn't clean itself. If you're looking for tips on how to keep your first place clean, these Redditors have shared what they know. Read on to learn some super helpful cleaning tips. And once you're a cleaning expert, check out some cooking tips for young adults too!

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    Remember The 3-Minute Rule

    From Redditor u/Subdivides:

    The 3-minute rule means if it takes less than 3 minutes to do, do it now. So things like washing plates immediately after using them, immediately folding clothes after taking them out of the dryer.

    Other than that, laundry on Tuesday, deep cleaning on Tuesday, and new sheets on Tuesday.

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    Never Leave Dirty Dishes Out

    From Redditor u/h2g2_researcher:

    Dishes: The kitchen is shared with seven other people, so I never leave dirty dishes out. When I'm done with anything I wash it immediately after eating or put it in the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is full I set it off, and if there's clean stuff in the dishwasher I empty it and put everything away at this point.

    Laundry: washer/dryer are shared with the same seven people too, so I tend to do this whenever it's free, and not too late at night because the washer is really, really loud.

    Tidying: the odd bit every day, with a full "get everything tidy" at the same time.

    Hoovering: Just set the Roomba off while everything's tidy.

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    Keep The Place Neat And Feel Mentally Healthier

    From Redditor u/reb678:

    You’ll need to buy a vacuum. Try to keep the place neat. It’s mentally healthier if it’s neat.

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    Clean As You Go

    From Redditor u/Cordero_Biggs:

    Clean as you go. A clean, comfy home will motivate you to hang out and have friends over, instead of going out and blowing money. I clean as I go, and always straighten up before I walk out the door. It's nice coming home to a clean, nice-smelling house and not having to mess with a dirty kitchen or cluttered counters.

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    Light Cleaning Often Means Heavy Cleaning Less

    From Redditor u/manamanope:

    Do light cleaning daily so you don't have to do heavy cleaning often.

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    Routine Cleaning Avoids Build-Up

    From Redditor u/Anaruh:

    I personally like to use those foamy sprays that cling on tile and ceramic. I let them dissolve soap scum among other things in a few minutes then wipe it down easily. Also, routine cleaning avoids build-up. Cleaning build-up dirt is always tough.