The Best Young Adult Romance Series

Young adulthood is a time marked by tremendous emotional growth and change. So perhaps it's not surprising that writers of young adult fiction often turn to the romance genre to tell their stories. Whether these novels are set in a real-world high school or a dystopian future, the love and heartbreak they describe are universally relatable. Some top YA romance series focus on star-crossed lovers while other romance series for young adults incorporate heart-stopping action. Many of the most popular YA romance book series have been adapted into big budget films.

What popular works will you find on this list of the best young adult romance series? In the Twilight Saga, readers anxiously turned each page to see if Bella would choose vampire Edward or werewolf Jacob. Late in the series, fans were treated to one of the most romantic weddings to ever hit the page. The Divergent series also contains a captivating love story set amidst a bleak future landscape. Throughout The Hunger Games series, readers are routing for Katniss to save the world and finally decide between her two handsome suitors. Other good collections featured on this top young adult romance series list include Fallen and Sweet Valley High.

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