The Best Young Adult Vampire Series

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There's just something about vampires that continues to capture authors' – and readers' – imaginations. From Dracula to Twilight, the literary trend seems to be here to stay, and the genre of young adult fiction has brought these fanged creatures back into the limelight. The best young adult vampire series come in many forms. Some great YA vampire collections focus on star-crossed lovers while other vampire series for young adults incorporate pulse-pounding action. Many of the most popular YA vampire book series have been adapted into big budget films.

What works will you find on this list of the best young adult vampire series? You can't talk about YA vampire lit without mentioning the Twilight Saga. In this globally popular four-book series, mortal teenager Bella Swan navigates a world of vampires and werewolves while those around her are blind to their very existence. Kristen Stewart brought this literary character to life in the film series. The Vampire Academy series is also popular with young adult readers. Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series features vampires, angels, and other supernatural beings throughout its page-turning story. Other great collections featured on this top YA vampire series list include House of Night and Blue Bloods.

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