20 Pictures of Young Burt Reynolds

Photos of handsome young Burt Reynolds travel back to the earlier years of the actor who was famous for starring in the television shows and films Deliverance, Smoky and the Bandit, White Lightening, Gator and The Longest Yard. These photos feature him in his teenage years through early 30s when he starred in Operation C.I.A., Navajo Joe, Riverboat, Johnny Ringo, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Blue Angels, Perry Mason and Gunsmoke.

In addition to his reputation as a sex symbol in the 60s and 70s, Reynolds became the co-owner of the Tampa Bay Bandits football team in 1982. Reynolds also owned a night club in Atlanta, Georgia, called Burt’s Place inside the Omni International Hotel. In Burt's heydey, he won multiple awards for his acting abilities, including an Emmy Award, two Golden Globe Awards, nine People’s Choice Awards, an American Movie Award, and several others.

But just as much as Burt Reynolds was known for his long and successful acting career, he is equally known for his handsome good looks, especially in these photos when Burt Reynolds was young.