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Celebrities Who Became Grandparents Before They Were 50

List RulesThese celebrities became grandparents when they were 50 or younger.

These famous grandmothers and grandfathers might look young, but they have children who have children. You will be surprised to see these celebrity grandparents walking around with their babies' babies. These are some of the coolest grandpas and grandmas on the planet. Rock stars like Mick Jagger and sports stars like Brett Favre join the movie stars on this list.

How cool would it be to visit Grandpa Pierce Brosnan? How about getting a check on your birthday from Cee Lo Green? When we think of grandfathers, we think of an elderly man with a walker and three specs of white hair, ranting about the good 'ol days. Well, Kiefer Sutherland does not exactly match that description. Check out other awesome celebs who are young grandparents.