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20 Pictures of Young Christian Bale

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This slideshow features photos of a handsome young Christian Bale. These photos feature the gorgeous Christian Bale as a young man during his late teenage years, as well as into his early twenties. Bale was born in Haverfordwest, Wales, and moved to Los Angeles in 1991 after his parents divorced when he was 17. His film debut was in the 1986 film Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna; however, he gained critical acclaim for his performance in “Empire of the Sun,” after the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures gave him the ” "Best Performance by a Juvenile Actor” award. He later landed roles in Newsies, Swing Kids and Velvet Goldmine. He has starred in multiple blockbuster films, including: American Psycho and The Dark Knight. Check out these pictures of Christian Bale in his youth!
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