Pictures Of Young Dolly Parton

Here are 21 pictures of young Dolly Parton, showcasing the youthful good looks of country music's sweetheart. At nearly 70 years of age, famous legendary country singer Dolly Parton is still a knockout. That being said, have you ever seen pictures of her when she was a young girl? Born in 1946, Dolly began performing music as a child and recorded her first single at the ripe age of 13. she was adorable as a child, but soon blossomed into an incredibly gorgeous young woman who won the hearts of men everywhere. Many of these sexy photos of Dolly Parton when she was young are in black and white, as she was in her late teens and early twenties in the mid-60's before color pictures were standard. Her luscious golden locks and large breasts are her most prominent features, and continue to be to this very day (she loves her breasts so much that she actually got them insured).