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16 Pictures of Young Ellen DeGeneres

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These list features photos of a young Ellen DeGeneres, including baby pictures, and photos of from her childhood. The famous American comedian, actress, producer and talk show host first made headway as a stand-up comedian after receiving an invitation to appear in The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in 1968. Carson compared her skills as an artist to those of Bob Newhart, and invited her to join him for an on-screen chat after the show. She landed lead roles in the films “Mr. Wrong,” “EDtv,” “The Love Letter” and was a voice actress in “Finding Nemo,” for which she earned a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress. She became the first lesbian to play an openly-lesbian role in her television show “Ellen.” She has hosted “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” since 1994 and has won 13 Emmy Awards, 14 People’s Choice Awards and multiple others for her work as an actress and comedian, as well as for her philanthropic efforts. Enjoy checking out these pictures of Ellen DeGeneres when she was young.

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