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27 Pictures of Young Janet Jackson

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This gallery features 27 pictures of sexy, young, Janet Jackson, including rare photos from her teenage years in the late 70s, as well as into her early 20’s in the mid-1980s. Born on May 16, 1966 in Gary, Indiana, she is the youngest of ten children. The Jackson family was devout Jehovah’s Witnesses; however, Janet later disassociated with the religious organization. When she was a child, Janet’s brothers formed the group The Jackson 5 and were signed by Motown in 1969. The family then moved to Los Angeles. Young Janet originally wanted to become a horse racing jockey or an entertainment lawyer, and believed she could support herself through acting. She began appearing with The Jackson 5 on their variety show in 1976. She landed roles in other television shows as a result, and received a music contract with A&M Records when she was sixteen. Her debut album was released in 1982, followed by a second album that was released two years later, Dream Street. After its release, she decided to break business ties with her family. Her next album, Control, was released in 1986 and sold over 14 million copies worldwide. She went on to release several other successful albums, such as Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814, janet., The Velvet Rope, All For You, Damita Jo, 20 Y.0., and Discipline. Jackson has starred in several films, including Poetic Justice, The Nutty Professor II, Why Did I Get Married?, Why Did I Get Married Too?, and For Colored Girls. Enjoy checking out these photos of Janet Jackson when she was young.