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12 'Young Justice' Fan Theories

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Contains major spoilers for Season 1 and 2 of Young Justice. 

After a long hiatus, the beloved DC animated series Young Justice received a commission to return for a third season in 2019, under the title Young Justice: Outsiders. A panel for the show at San Diego Comic-Con International in 2018 also revealed new costumes and new members joining the team's roster.

Few cartoons adapted from comic books attract fanbases as passionate as that of Young Justice. Thanks to fan petitions and the show's popularity on Netflix, Young Justice will continue past its second season - unlike Justice League and other canceled superhero cartoons. After Season 2 ended with the dramatic demise of a favorite character and the coming of Darkseid, every fan started speculating about Young Justice Season 3 updates. And we won't have to wait long to learn which theories are correct.

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    Gordon Godfrey Has Been One Of Darkseid's Elite All Along

    Despite being the team's most vocal critic, G. Gordon Godfrey still hasn't convinced everyone that he's in league with the villains. But one commenter on TV Tropes notes there's plenty of precedence for Godfrey's secret identity:

    G. Gordon Godfrey is really Glorious Godfrey of Apokolips. I know this is probably painfully obvious to everyone who remembers their DC Mainstream Canon, as well as Justice League Unlimited, but it had to be said. Godfrey is well-known for causing political upheaval on Apokolips amongst "The Lowlies," the oppressed citizens of the Suicide Slums who toil under the heel of Darkseid and his Elite.

    Whenever Godfrey takes the stage, he always knows what to say to get people riled up. However, every one of his revolutions has been for his and Darkseid's amusement, and are always beaten down. Who's to say he hasn't been planted on Earth as an agent of Apokolips to turn the people against the Justice League, weakening the morale on all fronts so that Earth is vulnerable to an attack from Apokolips or whatever dark force awaits our heroes?

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    Darkseid And The Light Will Ultimately Turn On Each Other

    A new conglomerate of supervillains may emerge since Season 2 of Young Justice ended with key members of The Light meeting the tyrannical ruler of Apokolips. But, as both sides have competing interests, it will likely be a rocky relationship. Redditor /u/CIA_Guy_4You points out:

    I'm not entirely sure why the Light would be working with Darkseid, because his ultimate goal is the Anti-Life Equation. He could use this to pretty much destroy or subject all life in the Universe to his will, so conquering the Earth is pretty much an inevitability in his agenda. I'm betting the Light attempts to manipulate him or ends up getting double-crossed by Darkseid, prompting the launch of his invasion on Earth.

    Redditor /u/dabg237 concurs, noting:

    Darkseid's ultimate goal is obviously not in the Light's interests, but neither was the Reach's. I suspect they're using him as a way to overwhelm the League, and Vandal, whose plans often include a partial extinction event, is probably looking forward to the mass chaos.

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    Red Hood Will Finally Show Up

    Considering Season 3 is called Young Justice: Outsiders, an appearance from Red Hood - who is closely associated with the Outsiders team in the comics - is highly likely, especially because the second Robin (his former identity) isn't alive in the YJ universe. Even before a holographic memorial in the team's headquarters confirmed this, series fan JTunesMusic notes there's foreshadowing for the reveal in the first episode of Season 2:

    When Nightwing is trying to give Tim a shot at leading a small squad his last words before sending him off were, "Just don’t die, ok?" From a fan’s perspective, I am confident in saying that... the first thing that came to mind was, of course, the Robin who followed Dick Grayson: Jason Todd. A lot of viewers were wondering why Dick would bring up the [subject] unless there was some incident in the past on the Team or with another one of the Bat-family members.

    For those unfamiliar with Jason Todd's comics history, the long-gone second Robin comes back as the violent Red Hood in the Hush storyline. Another fan even thinks Arsenal's confirmed return to the team in Season 3 could be part of Red Hood's introduction, sharing:

    Arsenal is back on the team somehow. Most people are wondering why that may be given how he previously performed while a member, but I think I have a theory: he was convinced to come back to the team by his good friend who also put in a good word for him in order to get him back on the team’s good side. My bet is that Arsenal, while working as a solo hero, ran into the Hood while on a mission, they bonded, teamed up, and then a while later Arsenal introduced good old Red to the team.


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    Wally West Will Return From The Dead

    For those familiar with superhero comic conventions, Kid Flash's heroic sacrifice at the end of Season 2 means only one thing: there will be wild speculation about how and if he can make a miraculous return. Blogger JCTunesMusic muses:

    Remember in Justice League Unlimited when Grodd is sucked out of the air lock in the Legion of Doom’s headquarters by Lex in space or when Lex and Darkseid presumably became a part of the Source Wall?

    From what I can tell, the writers "killed off" the characters that way so if they were to return, it would be through understandable circumstances. I think the same can be said of Kid Flash as it looks like a plot device that could be explored in Season Three.

    Additionally, a tweet from Wally West's voice actor, Jason Spisak, seemed to indicate his role reprisal. If that's true, how can Wally come back? Maybe he'll use the Speed Force. As Nerdist's Eric Diaz points out, Wally fell into and re-emerged from the Speed Force more than once in the comics. It's worth noting the existence of the Speed Force in the Young Justice universe has not yet been confirmed, however, and showrunner Greg Weisman isn't exactly a fan of the concept.

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