25 Pictures of Young Keanu Reeves

With a career that spans over half a century and is still going strong to this day, Keanu Reeves has had one of the most interesting, excellent, and beloved careers of any actor of the modern age thanks to his ability and willingness to take massive risks, always challenge himself, and genuinely be a great human being. Starting his career with quite the band, a young Keanu stole the hearts of millions when he first exploded onto the scene in the late 80s in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, a film that helped make Reeves a household name and a beloved figure in pop culture. From this point on, it was off to the races for the esteemed actor, as he would go on to star in some of the biggest films of the 90s in masterful performances showcased in Point Break, Speed, and The Matrix

Whether it was the era of young Keanu Reeves with long hair and a knack for stonerisms that made audiences laugh until it hurt, the more action packed era of Keanu that had audiences sitting on the edge of their seats with pulse pounding action and death defying stunts, or the modern era of Reeves that is almost universally loved for simply being himself, the esteemed actor has had one of the most well received and adored careers of any actor in the history of the movie business.

Journey into the world of the 90s where the rising heartthrob was the talk of the town and images of Keanu Reeves were some of the most entertaining, adorable, and celebrated images to behold. Whether it is an old Keanu Reeves black and white photo, a sexy shirtless picture of Reeves, or simply a pic of Keanu being Keanu, this young heartthrob had the world on a string and managed to fly higher than anyone thought possible.