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20 Pictures of Young Maggie Smith

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Here are 20 pictures of Maggie Smith when she was young, all in black and white since she was in her twenties during the 1950's. Also known as Dame Margaret Natalie Smith, Maggie Smith has made recent waves in Hollywood for her role as Violet, the Dowager Countess in the popular BBC television series “Downton Abbey.” However, Smith’s career spans many decades. Check out these rare photos of a young Maggie Smith, who began her career as an actress due to her incredible stage presence and naturally beautiful features. Smith captivated a British audience as a teenager in 1952 after her debut performance at the Oxford Playhouse, and captivated America’s hearts in her Broadway performance of “New Faces of '56.” She has won a record five Best Actress Evening Standard Awards for her performances on-stage in London. She also won the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play in 1990. Her very first on screen performance in “Nowhere to Go” landed her the BAFTA Award nomination in 1958. Check out these awesome Maggie Smith photos when she was a young girl- if anything, they'll give you a better appreciation of the woman she is now.