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Small Details And Fan Theories About 'Young Sheldon'

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The Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon has spawned a number of hidden details and fan theories about ways the two shows might connect. From Penny actually being one of Sheldon's childhood friends, to the actor who plays young Sheldon's dad also playing Leonard's bully in BBT, these are things about the show you might not have known.

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    Same Order

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    Correct Population

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    Tam Appears In 'Young Sheldon' And 'Big Bang Theory'

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    Why Adult Sheldon Is Narrating 'Young Sheldon'

    From Redditor u/blazecoolman:

    Okay, so I have been watching Young Sheldon lately and I love the show. I was thinking of the reason why adult Sheldon would be narrating Young Sheldon in the way he does it.

    After a round of binge-watching, I realized that the narrative style is very autobiographical and I theorize that the string theory (particle symmetry?) idea that Sheldon and Amy recently published and became famous for The Big Bang Theory goes to on win some major prize, possibly a Nobel Prize in Physics.

    It is obvious that Sheldon is narrating his childhood at least a few years down the road from where we are on in Season 12 of BBT, due to his reference of his children at the Season 1 finale of Young Sheldon.

    Sheldon being Sheldon, it would take something major for him to sit down and work on an autobiography and I think it would be really cool if he won a Nobel Prize for his work since that fully completes his character arc and gives him everything that he always wanted in life.

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