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10 Pictures of Young Wayne Newton

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This gallery features photos of a young Wayne Newton, most of which focus on his pre-teen and teenager years in the early to late 1950s. Born on April 3, 1942 in Norfolk, Virginia, his father is half Patawomeck and his mother is half Cherokee. When the family relocated to Roanoke due to his father’s career in the United States Navy, Newton began learning how to play the piano, guitar and steel guitar at only six years old. They relocated to Phoenix, Arizona in 1952 due to Wayne’s complications with asthma, and he attended North High School. He and his older brother Jerry formed the duo Rascals in Rhythm, and began making appearances with Grand Ole Opry roadshows, as well as appearances on the TV show, Ozark Jubilee. In 1958, the brothers appeared on the Lew King Rangers Show and a booking agent from Las Vegas was highly impressed. They were originally signed for two weeks, but ended up playing for five years in a row, six shows per day. They appeared on The Jackie Gleason Show in 1962 and performed 12 times during a two-year period. Newton is one of the most famous entertainers in Las Vegas.
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