Athletes Who Won MVP Before Turning 25

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Sports may be the domain of the young, but even the best athletes still need time to mature once they turn pro. However, the youngest MVP winners in sports history all show that no matter what sport you're playing - baseball, football, basketball, or hockey - greatness can be there from the very beginning.

Wayne Greztky is the youngest MVP winner in any of the four major sports, winning his first Hart Trophy at age 19. After entering the NHL at 18, Gretzky won eight consecutive Hart Trophies, including five before the age of 25. There's a reason he's called The Great One. Meanwhile, the NBA's greatest scorer, Wilt Chamberlain, was just 23 when he won his MVP award for a season in which he averaged more than 37 points and 27 rebounds per game. Hank Aaron and Willie Mays are among the great MLB players to win early MVPs and Walter Payton and Patrick Mahomes are among the NFL stars to win MVP at a young age.

So check out this list of the best young stars in sports history, and vote up the players who had the top MVP seasons before they turned 25. Then head over and check out some of the oldest MVP winners in sports history.

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