The Youngest Starting QBs In Super Bowl History

The youngest starting quarterbacks in Super Bowl history all accomplished a remarkable feat, reaching the biggest stage in sports at an age when many other NFL stars are still developing their skill sets. Dan Marino is still the youngest quarterback to start the Super Bowl in history at the age of the 23, while Ben Roethlisberger, who was also 23 when he started his first Super Bowl, became the youngest QB to win a ring in 2006.

Of course, Tom Brady, one of the most successful starters in the Super Bowl era, started two championship games before he turned 27, winning both times and being named MVP both times. Brady is the youngest quarterback to win two Super Bowls, with Roethlisberger not far behind. Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes' start for the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV already makes him the fifth-youngest QB in Super Bowl history.

So check out this list of the youngest QBs ever to start in the Super Bowl and appreciate the amazing feat accomplished by all of these amazing athletes.

Photo: Chiefs / Instagram