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Youngest SNL Hosts Ever

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Who are the youngest 'SNL' hosts ever? This list might surprise you. All total, 9 people under the age of 18 have hosted 'Saturday Night Live' over 36 seasons. Yes, it's a pretty short list - far shorter, say, than the list of the oldest 'SNL' hosts ever. But hey, respect your elders kids! Very few celebrities become famous enough to host 'Saturday Night Live' before they are even old enough to vote.

Some of these youngsters weren't even born when the first 'SNL' aired in 1975. Many of them, in fact. From the youngest of the young, to the almost adults (almost), here's my list of the youngest people ever to host 'Saturday Night Live.'

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    Malcolm-Jamal Warner

    Malcolm-Jamal Warner hosted 'SNL' on October 18, 1986, when he was 16 years old, earning him a coveted spot on this list. At the time, Warner was a massive star, thanks to the success of the long-running sitcom 'The Cosby Show' (Warner played Theo Huxtable).


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    • Lindsay Lohan is among the youngest 'SNL' hosts ever, having hosted the show at the ripe old age of 17. You know, before all the other crap. The date was May 1, 2004, and Lohan was promoting the movie 'Mean Girls.' Lindsay also participated in several sketches during the show, including the always hilarious "Debbie Downer."

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      • The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, were 17 when they co-hosted 'Saturday Night Live' on May 15, 2004. They barely made it on this list - less than a month from turning 18. Incidentally, the twins skipped out on their senior prom to host 'SNL.'

        That's definitely a good reason to miss prom. And to turn down creepy stalker types who ask you. "Sorry, I'm hosting 'Saturday Night Live' that night." Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon and Will Forte were gracious enough to step in as prom dates, so the girls wouldn't miss out.

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        • Ah, Taylor Lautner. The Twihards lost their collective minds when Jacob graced the 'SNL' stage as a host on December 12, 2009. Lautner was 17 at the time, earning him a spot on this (amazingly, non-'Twilight') list. He explains that when 'SNL' first started, he was "negative 18 at the time."

          In his opening monologue, Lautner defends his (then) girlfriend, Taylor Swift. As a friend. Mmmhmmm. Sure. And he shows off some nifty karate moves.

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