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Who's Your Favorite Late Night Horror Movie Host?

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Late night horror hosts of your childhood likely served as one of your first guides into the world of horror. These hosts, who could look like glamorous goth models or decaying corpses, showed you how to embrace fear as a form of entertainment, therefore having a profound influence on your tastes, whether you realized it or not. For many of us, classic figures like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, provided our first glimpse into the underworld. But some people more fondly recall their more local late night horror hosts such as Sammy Terry and Svengoolie. So we at Graveyard Shift decided to ask you, our viewers, who is your favorite late night horror movie host?

We included your favorite late night horror hosts below, along with why you find them so terrifically terrifying. 

  • "I used to watch her with my dad"

    "Man, she was my dream girl."

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    "Svengoolie is still on the air out of Chicago since 1979. I do enjoy uncle Sven, I haven't been able to watch him in a while."

  • "John Bloom aka Joe Bob Briggs! I used to look forward to Monstervision when I was a kid all the time."

  • "She was such a beautiful, ditsy blonde. I had such a crush on her as a kid."

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    Sammy Terry


    "His spider was da bomb!"

    "Those were the days."

  • "Being from the Bay Area, growing up in the '70s, I watched Creature Feature. He was the best."

  • "Hands down. So cool it with the boom booms baby."

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    Ron Sweed


    "A staple of Hamtramck. His ad lib during the cheesy movies were the start of many shows like Mystery Science Theater, etc."

  • "Gilbert Gotfried and those Big T*tty horror movies that came on USA up all night."

  • "Back in the '70s there was a late night horror show host on one of the Midland-OdessaV stations. She was hilarious and I loved her."

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    Bill Cardille


    "Local Pittsburgh showed old universal and atomic age films, he was also the reporter in Night Of The Living Dead."