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  • Ultimize
    5 votes


    When a list has more than 3 reranks and has been deemed worthy, it is ULTIMIZED into a mighty list that will now include the reranks into the algo that determines list order.

  • Blather
    12 votes


    This is what the commentary on a node is called. This is different than the commentary on the list itself, which is called 'description'.

  • Coning
    8 votes


    From the phrase 'cone of silence'... Clark uses it to mean allowing work undisturbed.

  • Node
    8 votes


    The name for an item on a list.

  • Thinly Slice
    7 votes

    Thinly Slice

    Taking any vertical or concept and breaking it into smaller pieces. Example: Taking the Horror genre and breaking it into 'slasher', 'comedic', 'ghost story', etc.

  • Ravi Relevance
    7 votes

    Ravi Relevance

    Its a value assigned to each node on the site that tells you how relevant it is within the Ranker ecosystem. Ravi was Ranker's original data scientist.