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The Best BroScienceLife Videos on YouTube

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These are the best videos on the YouTube channel BroScienceLife, ranked from best to least best because let's face it they're all perfect. Don't think so? You don't even lift. So slam back some pre-workout and check out the list then vote for your favorites. When you're done don't forget that you have about a 30-minute window to get about 6,000 grams of whey protein and 1,200 extra cals of simple carbs in you before you go catabolic.

The Bro Science videos are hosted by Dom Mazzetti, otherwise known as the Brofessor. A proud member of Swole Team 6, bustin' out reps for Jesus whenever he can. Which is always. So get your learn on with this Diesel Rocket Thunder Beast and let this Freak Monster answer all of your questions about the gym. For example, what is Crossfit? How do you eat chicken without wanting to kill yourself? And of course, how do you hit on a girl at the gym?

BroScienceLife has over 1 million subscribers and it's up to you to decide which Bro Science Vid is the best. So skip leg day and start voting!
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    Pros and Cons of Taking Steroids

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    What Is Crossfit?

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    How To Use The Smith Machine

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    People You Hate At The Gym

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