The Best YouTube Epic Meal Time Videos

The good people behind the "Epic Meal Time" YouTube channel have showcased some unbelievable food creations with their videos. Vegetarians beware: these monster meals often feature stacks of meat topped with piles of bacon. "Epic Meal Time" host and YouTube celebrity, Harley Morenstein, and his carnivorous friends know how to make a memorable meal and an entertaining video.

"Epic Meal Time" has become so popular that celebrities like Gabriel Iglesias and Kevin Smith have made appearances on special episodes. The Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, even appeared on a clip entitled "Kaiserschwarzeneggar Protein Tank."

This list of "Epic Meal Time" YouTube videos includes some of their older stuff, as well some newer episodes. Vote for your favorite video below, and if we've left anything off the list, feel free to add it. 
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