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The best videos on the YouTube channel Epic Rap Battles, ranked by fans and updated regularly. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Barack Obama and Mitt Romney faced off in a rap battle? Epic Rap Battles has you covered. These ridiculously funny music videos have helped the Epic Rap Battles channel to accumulate millions of subscribers and earn at least five gold records from the RIAA. 

In 2010, the guys behind ERB uploaded their first video, featuring John Lennon facing off against Bill O'Reilly, setting the tone for all the hilarious videos that would follow. If you like rap, history and humor, check out the most popular, and therefore great, videos from Epic Rap Battles on this list. 

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This list of Epic Rap Battles YouTube videos includes not only their older stuff, but some of the newest videos that just came out on the Epic Rap Battles YouTube channel as well. These are the top Epic Rap Battles videos according to you, so if we're missing a good Epic Rap Battles vid then feel free to add it to the list.
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