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12 Horror Shorts That Became Feature Length Classics You Can Watch Right Now

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There are many short horror films you can watch online, but not all of them are chosen to eventually become full length movies. Did you know some pretty good horror films like The Grudge and The Evil Dead started as just a few minutes of an idea in the director's mind? These ideas are often manifested as a baby movie, like Saw 0.5, and you can find many of these horror short films on YouTube.

Horror shorts that later become full-length movies aren't just lucky - they contain something that needs to be grown by someone with a vision. Studios and investors in the film industry saw these shorts and handpicked them out of the sea of horror shorts online to be fully realized. Even Guillermo del Toro has given a short film a hand.

While you're able to watch films about ghosts, movies about home invasions or tales of terrifying serial killers on Netflix, sometimes you just need something short.

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    Before there were a whole bunch of sequels, there was the 2003 version of Saw (aka Saw 0.5), a low budget short made by James Wan and Leigh Whannell to show to investors. It's only nine minutes long, but features the famously terrifying jaw trap which was said to actually be rusty and dangerous, not some fake Hollywood prop. 

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    Known affectionately to director Jennifer Kent as "baby Babadook," the full length version she eventually made in 2014 was embraced by a lot of movie goers. Shot in black and white, it features a pop-up book, shabby Victorian house, a child terrified of a monster, and a frazzled mother.

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    This early short from Tim Burton combining Frankenstein and pet ownership got the director fired from Walt Disney Studios for being too dark. They didn't know Burton would go on to direct big money-makers like Batman and Beetlejuice, but they did bring him back to make the feature length version of Frankenweenie in 2012. The 1984 short also stars Barret Oliver of The Neverending Story fame.

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    Tooth Fairy

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    Joe Harris was a comic book writer when his short film Tooth Fairy was purchased by a studio and eventually made into Darkness Falls. Apparently, the studio wasn't too happy with the original creature design and brought in Stan Winston to create something a little more terrifying.

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