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The Best Niga Higa Videos on YouTube

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The best videos on the YouTube channel Niga Higa, ranked by fans and updated regularly. Whether you like hilarious sketches, funny music videos or vlog posts, Ryan Higa has you covered with his Niga Higa YouTube channel. Niga Higa's millions of subscribers have helped make Ryan a YouTube celebrity. The comedy videos on the YouTube channel Niga Higa have been viewed over 2 billion times. Fun fact: besides being a YouTube star, Ryan Higa is also a black belt in Judo.

Skitzo, Rants and Music Videos are some of the great segments on the Niga Higa YouTube Channel. Fans get a chance to interact with Higa himself by leaving questions in the comments section which he answers during the popular Dear Ryan series.

This list of the best Niga Higa YouTube videos includes not only his older stuff, but some of the newest videos that just came out on the Niga Higa YouTube channel as well. These are the top Niga Higa videos according to you, so if we're missing a good Niga Higa vid then feel free to add it to the list.
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