YouTube Stars Who Got Their Own TV Shows

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Just when you thought you couldn't get enough of your favorite YouTube stars, they go ahead and get their own TV shows you can now catch them on. Of course, you'll still get to watch all their regular YouTube content, but now you can check out their acting chops and see if they really have what it takes to make a show. We're not talking cameos or guest appearances here, either. No, these popular YouTubers have all become stars of their own shows and YouTube Premium series. While most may be web series and other smaller shows, it's a great stride for many of them. 

Always up to something awesome, Grace Helbig made her leap to TV with Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, which also stars fellow female YouTuber Hannah Hart (as Dyna Girl). Liza Koshy has also made moves, co-hosting Nickelodeon's Double Dare reboot—and it's just as entertaining as it was in '92. Other notable YouTube stars with shows include Jenn McAllister, Lisa Schwartz, Cameron Dallas, and many others—so check them out below. You may even find your new favorite show!


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