WATCH YouTuber 'Hijacks' Amazon's Same-Day Delivery Service To Help The Homeless  

Mel Judson

As online retail becomes more and more efficient, services like Amazon same-day delivery gets you what you need without the wait or the fuss. So one YouTuber created the video below to show you how to use this service to help those in need.

In his video, Rob Bliss makes note of how people rush by cold and homeless citizens without ever stopping to do anything. Bliss realizes this can be a product of apathy, but he theorizes it may simply have to do with people being in a rush.

A person on their commute to work who comes across a person without sleeves or shoes might want to help that person, but determine for themselves they cannot do so without being late to their cubicles, appointments, or whatever else.

And that's where services like Amazon same-day delivery come in, allowing a person send food or clothing to a person directly. Watch the video below to get an idea of how this all works and how it can help.