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Updated October 12, 2017 42 items

Naphil Hitson, also known as Tyrone, is an actor and social media sensation who gives no f*cks, unless it concerns your wife. Hitson's character Tyrone, a temperamental, curse-loving pot-stirrer who constantly threatens to steal your girl, launched him into viral stardom on platforms like Vine and YouTube. While Tyrone remains the YouTuber's most recognized character, Naphil Hitson's videos come with all manner of characters, impersonations, and parodies. From spoofs of IT to tongue-in-cheek instructions about how to "go viral," Naphil Hitson's YouTube videos deliver outrageous and hilarious takes on a variety of subjects.

Naphil Hitson's best videos, which he posts on both his YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, convey a magnetic and comedic personality you can't turn away from. He might try to steal your wife or girlfriend, but only if you wrong him in some way. So stay on Tyrone's good side, and everything will be peachy.

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    I'M tyrone goes wrong AGAIN and more Complilation

  • 2

    "I'm Tyrone" - Tyrone X Infinity (Tyrone Anthem)

  • 3

    Tyrone compilation Curl more Part 2

  • 4

    Tyrone meets Bitch Ass Brody

  • 5

    Im Tyrone "The Movie" (Official Trailer)

  • 6

    Tyrone meets Bruh Man

  • 7

    Tyrone vs Big Brody

  • 8

    Tyrone Meets Uncle Luke

  • 9

    Tyrone Goes Wrong: Yardie Style (Miami)

  • 10

    "I'M Tyrone" Coming Soon

  • 11

    Tyrone takes over Houston plus NYC and Philly Compiliation

  • 12

    Tyrone meets Kurt Angle

  • 13

    Tyrone goes wrong and Eddie compilations

  • 14

    Tyrone vs Traffic and Tyrone pumps up the Kids

  • 15

    Tyrone meets Choppa

  • 16

    Tyrone Meets Snacks and A-town

  • 17

    Tyrone Helps to fight Crime

  • 18

    Tyrone Back To Basics: Miami Edition

  • 19

    Tyrone's First Rap Battle

  • 20

    Im Tyrone The Movie Trailer (Extended Version)

  • 21

    Tyrone's slap cam compilation!

  • 22

    Tyrone goes to laundry mat

  • 23

    Tyrone compilation Curl more

  • 24

    Naphil Hitson aka "Tyrone" - Long Dick Syle

  • 25

    Tyrone Running down on Hood Celebrities Vol 1