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YouTubers Showing Off Their Ridiculous Mansions

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Did you know that several YouTubers have bought giant houses off of their earnings? While some of that revenue comes from video views, a lot comes from tours, merch, and public appearances. It can all add up pretty fast, and next thing you know, 16 year-old JoJo Siwa is moving her family into a $3.4 million house. Now that's the dream. 

Who are the wealthiest YouTubers out there? Controversial 24-year-old Logan Paul is certainly a contender, and it shows in the lavishness of his YouTube mansion. The Logan Paul house is worth over $6 million. The Shane Dawson new house, which he shares with fiancé Ryland Adams, is less out-there in its design, but still very impressive. The Jenna Marbles house tour video is a bit different, as the star begins the vlog by speaking about how guilty she feels for having the money to buy a big house. 

The Pewdiepie house video, on the other hand, was made into a big joke. Instead of focusing on his his home’s stunning interior in his YouTube house tour, he spends the majority of the time in a kid’s blow-up play pool in the yard. The Dolan Twins were happy to share a look at their home - though, to be fair, the Dolan Twins house is tucked away so you can’t see it from the street. The Tana Mongeau house is probably about as over-the-top as you would imagine. She reportedly has her own Olympic-sized swimming pool. The CJ So Cool house and JoJo Siwa house boast crazy amenities, such as a dirt bike path and a 7-Eleven station.

Keep reading to drool over the gorgeous estates of these affluent YouTubers. Whether it's a Cape Cod-style house or an open Mediterranean floor plan, we can't get enough of these insanely nice digs, and the stars' over-the-top YouTube home tours. Vote up the YouTubers houses you would most like to live in.