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Proving they have what it takes to do more than vlogging, quite a few YouTube stars have starred in movies as well. While most of them have yet to leave their YouTube careers behind (though some have quit YouTube and returned), they've all taken huge strides in other directions, building off their internet stardom. Sure, some of these top YouTubers are just getting their feet wet with smaller films, but others have already hit the silver screen several times whether in YouTube Premium movies or Hollywood blockbusters.

YouTubers starring in movies should really come as no surprise. Considering their mass followings, these are motivated individuals who already have great experience on camera. Though it may not always be acting in their own content, they've all managed to make the smooth transition from making videos to starring in full-fledged movies. Take popular female YouTuber Grace Helbig for instance. Not only has she played roles in various TV shows, she's also taken on characters for movies like Trolls and Camp Takota. Jimmy Tatro, Lisa Schwartz, and Shane Dawson (among many others) have all landed movie roles as well.

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Lilly Singh, also known by her YouTube username Superwoman, is a Canadian YouTube personality, motivational speaker, and comedian. She has also taken part in rapping and film acting. After beginning her channel in 2010, her videos have gathered over 660 million views and her channel has over 5.5 million subscribers. She is particularly known for her satirical takes on everyday life. ...more on Wikipedia

Age: 29

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Andrew B. Bachelor (born June 26, 1988), better known by his online alias and persona King Bach, is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, and internet personality, known for being the most followed person on the video sharing service Vine. ...more on Wikipedia

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Ryan Higa is an American YouTube personality and actor of Japanese descent. He is known for his YouTube comedy videos, which have been viewed over 2.1 billion times. As of April 2015, Higa's YouTube channel, nigahiga, has over 14 million subscribers. ...more on Wikipedia

Age: 27

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Jimmy Tatro is a YouTube comedian. ...more on Wikipedia

Age: 26

Credits: 22 Jump Street

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