Which YouTube Star Would Be The Perfect Girlfriend?

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In your perfect world, which female YouTube stars would you date? Complete with beauty, brains, and serious ambition, the girls of YouTube would all be real catches. Not only have the top female YouTubers become full-on celebrities, but they've proven they have what it takes to be successful and make serious money. Of course, money doesn't buy love—and it shouldn't buy yours. Whether you think they're funny or you truly admire their drive, who is your YouTuber girlfriend?

From makeup aficionados to comedic geniuses, female YouTubers are quite diverse. You can even find girl gamers on YouTube. So no matter your tastes in life, you're sure to fall in love with one of these internet sensations. Simply put, many of these ladies would make the perfect girlfriend. Perhaps you picture yourself strolling the red carpet with your ideal YouTuber or think you could help create amazing content with them. Whatever it is, the hypothetical choice is yours!

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