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14 Questions About The DCEU That Zack Snyder Has Answered, But Warner Bros. Didn't

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Love him or hate him, there's no denying director Zack Snyder had a particular plan for the live-action DC Extended Universe. With Warner Bros. moving away from Snyder's grim vision for the DC superheroes, the original DCEU plans changed dramatically. 

Though DCEU films like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were met with critical and commercial disappointment, Snyder still developed an active fandom who wanted to see more of his world. It's why, after the release of Justice League, many DCEU fans and even actors in Snyder's cast pressed WB to release the director's cut of the film - perhaps with even more improvised moments than before. Who knows, maybe Snyder's Justice League could have been one of the best DC superhero movies of all time?

With an HBO Max premiere formally announced, fans will finally see for themselves. Back when a release for Snyder's director's cut looked unlikely, though, the former mastermind of the DCEU was sharing his original plans for Batman, Superman, and the like online, giving glimpses at the Justice League that is heading to WB's streaming service. 

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