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Tattoos Inspired by the Legend of Zelda

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What better way to commemorate all those hours dedicated to the long and storied Nintendo franchise, The Legend of Zelda, than by getting a tattoo featuring Link, the Triforce, or even Princess Zelda herself. If you're on a heroic quest to find great Zelda tattoo ideas, then this list is like finding that last heart piece. These are the coolest Zelda tattoos on the Internet.

Sure, there are a lot of tats immortalizing those halcyon days on the N64. So many gamers have journeyed to their local tattoo parlor for a Majora's Mask or Ocarina of Time-inspired tattoo. Whether they're based on A Link to the Past or Tri Force Heroes, these tattoos are at their absolute best when the artists behind the needles add a little creativity. It's also great to see people combining the Zelda aesthetic and pairing it with something else they're passionate about!

Citizens of Hyrule! Check out these Zelda-inspired tattoos! Maybe you will come away with a few ideas of your own! Maybe this will finally push you to finally get that sweet design you drew in your high school notebook!
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