Zodiac-Inspired Beauty Products To Please Your Inner Stargazer

Your horoscope can inform your entire day. It can tell you if there are clear skies ahead or if your life is about to become a little more hectic. It can warn you not to make any major decisions or give you the go-ahead to sign that new job contract - all based on the position of the planets and stars. If astrology can guide your major life choices, why shouldn't your horoscope inform your makeup choices, too? 

Makeup inspired by the zodiac has infiltrated the mainstream makeup world, influencing nail polish colors, eye shadows, and fragrances. Whether or not you take astrology seriously, this new crop of zodiac-inspired makeup is just plain fun. Everyone from Makeup Revolution to Jeffree Star to Bite Beauty agrees: the Age of Zodiac Makeup is upon us! 

Check out the top makeup for your zodiac sign. What do you think - are you ready to take beauty advice from the stars?

Photo: user uploaded image