Unspeakable Crimes This Pizzeria Owner Concocted The Most Absurd Scheme To Catch The Zodiac Killer  

Mick Jacobs

No one ever captured the Zodiac Killer. But one San Francisco pizzeria owner, Tom Hanson, thought he was sharp enough to weasel out the perpetrator, all of which is explained in the video below.

Hanson, who left the Midwest for California with dreams of stardom, struggled to make a name for himself. To raise his profile, he devised a complex scheme to lure the Zodiac Killer out of hiding.

The focus of the plan revolved around a film about the killer themselves, appropriately called The Zodiac Killer. Assuming everyone felt as self-absorbed as he did, Hanson figured the killer's ego would bring them to the theater.

How he expected to identify the killer - much less capture him - without the help of the authorities is only one of the many flaws in this bizarre but remarkably detailed plan. Check out the video below to learn about Hanson's plan and why it obviously failed.