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Which Sign Could You Beat In A Fight, According To Your Zodiac?

Updated 5 Jul 2019 62.0k views12 items

A person may look to their horoscope for general advice about life and love, to glean insights into their own character, or even to make decisions about career moves. Some consider their horoscope little more than a section of the newspaper to skim over while having their morning coffee. But if you've ever craved more detailed information from the stars, such as which zodiac signs you could totally take in a fight, you've come to the right place.

This list describes the more combative aspects of your star sign, so be warned: there are no "You're a natural peacemaker" or "You're all about love and commitment" to be found here. This is an account of which zodiac sign would win in a fight. In other words, your more adversarial qualities.

Also, no one is advocating fighting, so while you may be tempted to test the efficacy of the claims made here… please don't.

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