The Perfect Scary Movie For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Whether or not you obsessively read your horoscope every day (you should), you have to admit that the idea of horror film astrology is kind of intriguing. Want to figure out the perfect scary movie for your zodiac sign? Well actually, you can. Who knows, maybe your knack for problem-solving will lead to a classic puzzle-type film (looking at you, Taurus), or perhaps your affinity for music is pointing directly to a murderous barber (Pisces, you're about to have some fun). Whatever the case, it's always a joy to discover new films or revisit an old favorite, so embrace the terror and climb on board. 


  • Aries: 'Alien'

    Aries: 'Alien'
    Video: YouTube

    Aries are all about being brave leaders. They get stuff done, and in doing so they keep an optimistic attitude and never lack enthusiasm. For those reasons, Alien is the scary movie that best matches an Aries personality. Sigourney Weaver is courageous as hell, and she kicks that alien's butt without a moment of hesitation. A good example for us all.

  • Taurus: 'Cube'

    Taurus: 'Cube'
    Video: YouTube

    We all need a Taurus in our lives - they are practical, pragmatic, and loyal. Given that they work well with structure and a set of rules, the sci-fi horror movie Cube is a great film choice. It's a visual representation of everybody's worst nightmare: you wake up in a deadly maze and have to fight for survival. And if you're looking for something more recent, Saw is another safe bet. 

  • Gemini: 'The Shining'

    Gemini: 'The Shining'
    Video: YouTube

    Geminis tend to be very expressive and arty, not to mention unpredictable with two sides to their personality. Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is absolutely terrifying, and works well for Geminis who are curious (if a little suspicious) about people. For those who like to investigate the hidden meaning within every frame, you'll be in heaven. FYI those visuals will be imprinted in your mind forever, so prepare accordingly.

  • Cancer: 'The Abyss'

    Cancer: 'The Abyss'
    Video: YouTube

    Cancers have big imaginations, which means that basically any film by James Cameron would be a good fit. More than that, they're sensitive, emotional, and suspicious. Given that Cancer is a water sign, The Abyss is the one to go with here. A nuclear submarine and its crew are plunged deep into the abyss and end up encountering alien species - an unlikely scenario, and one that demands careful attention to avoid death.