What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About The Way You Kiss

If you've ever been curious about how your zodiac sign affects your smooching style, then you're about to find out. And perhaps even better than finding out how you kiss, you can also figure out how that cute barista kisses based on his or her star sign, too. Of course, you may have to do some Facebook stalking to find out your crush's birthday, but that part is easy. The hard part is finding someone with whom you have real kissing chemistry. Perfect for many things, astrology can easily help determine that. It can also help you figure out how compatible you are with someone in more physically intimate situations.

Every zodiac sign has a specific kissing style, ranging from super aggressive to overly emotional. Find your style and your lover's below!


  • Aries is competitive, ambitious, and occasionally impulsive. She's all about forward action and decision-making. Because of this, she often finds herself in leadership roles, both in her career and in social situations. This is the case, too, with her kissing style. Aries will likely initiate the kiss and direct where it goes. Whether the kiss becomes more sultry or stays pleasant and sweet, is up to her. However, this fiery sign almost always prefers more sultry territory. Aries also enjoys planting surprise kisses to catch her partner off guard.

  • Taurus Kisses And Just Can't Stop
    Photo: Fastolf Master / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Taurus is a practical Earth sign. In relationships, he is stable, dependent, loyal, and sometimes stubborn. However, when it comes to luxuries, he becomes more self-indulgent. Taurus will binge-watch something for 60 hours straight, eat Chipotle six times in one week, and finish that bottle of wine without any help. In some cases, he teeters on being too indulgent. Good news for Taurus's partner, though, there’s no such thing as being too decadent when it comes to kissing. When Taurus kisses, he makes the moment last. His kisses are deep and incredibly consuming.

  • Gemini Goes For Unpredictability
    Photo: Fastolf Master / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    All of the Air signs are known to be a bit unpredictable, but none more so than Gemini. She usually has dueling personalities, and her various desires and interests are constantly shifting. Because of this, Gemini can be flighty, nervous, and inconsistent. Dating one can be difficult. However, kissing Gemini can be difficult in a good way. This zodiac sign can’t be nailed down, and just when you think you know how she kisses, things change. The unpredictability can be incredibly exciting.

  • Kisses from Cancer feel like home, which makes sense since because Cancer is the homebody of the astrology chart. Cancer is an emotional, occasionally insecure, and nurturing sign. He gets the most energy from a happy home. Spending a night dwelling in his clean and warm abode is energizing. Because of the comfortable and safe kissing style, Cancer's partner will naturally feel a sense of intimacy and closeness. Cancer's kisses may not spark fireworks, but they will be reminiscent of a crackling fireplace that warms your body forever.