Your Greatest Strength (Which Is Your Biggest Weakness), Based On Your Zodiac
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Your Greatest Strength (Which Is Your Biggest Weakness), Based On Your Zodiac

All things in moderation. This sage wisdom can certainly apply to personality traits. Life is tough, though, and maintaining personal balance isn’t always as easy as it seems. We often think of the good and bad traits of each zodiac sign as being different items in two columns, but we’re going down a less traveled path. Here, we’re going to take a look at the two sides of each stellar coin and how the zodiac signs' greatest strengths can also be their most devastating downfalls. Even things we always think of as positive, such as confidence or ambition, can have their dark sides.

  • The extreme confidence Aries display can carry the Ram quite far in life. After all, “confidence is everything” is a saying for a reason. Confidence is alluring and powerful, which can be very enticing both in business and personal relationships. Promotion? Oh that’s theirs. That hottie they’ve had their eye on? Flirted, wooed, and the number’s already in their phone.

    This great trait can go sour, though, as it can become cocksure arrogance. Some who find even the most wholesome confidence to be too much can attempt to take them down a peg, which can harm Aries. If people challenge them too often, or seem to be vying for the top position they feel they deserve, their ego can become fragile - and that unleashes that classic Aries aggression

  • Who doesn’t love having someone around that really has their life together? Structure-focused Taureans always seem to manage that. Even in their time off when they’re getting cozy and enjoying snacks in a mountain of blankets, that time was planned.

    While structure and stability can be priceless, it can also get a little domineering at times if it becomes a case of "my way or the highway." Taureans are known for being stubborn, and it can often be because they’ve built this impenetrable fort of structure for their lives. If they don’t occasionally relent, the top of that blanket mountain might end up deserted at home.

  • What can go wrong with multitasking? After all, Geminis are the royal twins of getting biz done! Sometimes we look at Gemini’s accomplishments and think they must actually be two people with that kind of output. When balanced, it’s an impressive one-person circus.

    This all unravels quickly, though, when Gemini begins to take on far too much, something they don’t always think is possible. When this happens, even the Twins are spread too thin and all projects and relationships begin to suffer from neglect. Eventually, Gemini will burn out, and sometimes many of the projects and relationships will burn up with them. Geminis who never accept defeat might try to just bury the wreckage and move on to a new set of tasks, sometimes permanently burning important bridges along the way.

  • Loving and open Cancers make for great companions of any kind for those who want someone involved. They’re always there for you, cheering you on or propping you up. Their hearts are wide open, pouring out love and welcoming you inside. This kind of raw vulnerability can be too much for some people, and things can get very dark when Cancers feel they’ve been wronged. Spiraling into victimhood, they feel taken advantage of once again.

    Even if all of this is true, Cancers can tend to stew inside their shells over it. With proper healing time they’ll be fine, but if someone says “I need you,” Cancers can’t help themselves and will often run to the side of whoever needs help. This can lead to extreme emotional burnout, making some Cancers come across as cold, distant, and passive aggressive to those genuine people trying to fill their cups. What do good people do when they’re treated poorly? Leave! This can often lead to a horrible cycle for Cancers, leaving them bitter and lonely.

  • The sweet, beautiful Lion always has the best of intentions and the most ambitious plans. Dreaming big can certainly reap bountiful rewards, and with a confidence that can rival that of Aries, Leos can be unstoppable once they set their mind to something.

    That unstoppability can be what really goes south though. Leo’s unrelenting drive and pride can make them blind to the needs and feelings of those around them. In what may even seem like a game to Leo, they’re just in it to win it, and people around them can get very hurt on their road to success. If Leo can pause to think about others, it’s a golden quality. If not, it will always be a very lonely and resented win at the finish line.

  • Much like Cancer, Virgo is known as a very mothering sign, and no one is as good at the motherly trait of building up the people in their lives as Virgo. Almost systematically, Virgo can see all of your traits outlined before them and will assuredly bolster your confidence by telling you all the ways in which you’re amazing. You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!

    But also like Cancer, Virgo can give far too much of themselves without getting enough in return. When Virgo starts feeling underappreciated, that very same mechanism that allows them to see all that’s awesome about you can go the other way, too. Virgo can go from being loving, supportive mom to bitter, hyper-critical mom. They’re not trying to be malicious, but boy can it sting.