Here Are The Zodiac Signs For 16 Historical Figures - And What They Reveal About Their Personalities

Do the stars control our destiny? In at least some cases, zodiac signs line up perfectly with the achievements of famous historical people. This is unsurprising, considering astrology may also be able to predict criminality - bad news, Geminis and Virgos, it looks like a lot of serial killers share your sign.

Historical astrological signs can help explain why Napoleon tried to conquer Europe, or why Elizabeth I portrayed herself as a duty-bound Virgin Queen. And did Galileo gaze at the stars because of his sign? Did Marie Curie's sign drive her to her death? These historical figures' zodiac signs can provide a different angle from which to examine their historical accomplishments. 

Check out this list of the zodiacs of famous figures to see how the astrological signs of historical figures match their achievements.

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