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Zodiac Signs Destined To Be BFFs

Updated 18 Sep 2018 17.4k views12 items

We all want that BFF with whom we can share everything. They're the person you can call when you're having a rough day, and someone you can simply hang around with and watch TV. If you haven't found your platonic soulmate yet, perhaps you should look to the stars to discover the most compatible zodiac signs for friendships. 

Signs that get along may not be the most obvious. For example, it may not seem like an introverted Cancer would be besties with a wanderlust-filled Sagittarius, and yet they work.  

Zodiac signs who are BFFs aren't always carbon copies of each other; instead, they tend to bring out the best in the other with a complementary personality. Like the perfect pet for your sign, these celestial pairings are sure to bring joy into your life. 

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