Here's What Would Happen To You In A Zombie Apocalypse, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has thought about surviving a zombie apocalypse. It's just smart to prepare for the certainty by scoping out the best places to live, what weapons to use, and whether to join up with others or carry on alone.

What most people never think about are their odds of zombie apocalypse survival by zodiac sign. People use horoscopes all of the time to make decisions in their life, present reasoning for their fears or personality, or to determine compatibility with a significant other, so why not estimate their apocalypse survival rate based on zodiac signs?

Once you have your astrological apocalypse plan in place, you can use this handy guide to figure which friends are expendable and which you'll need to start sucking up to ASAP.

Photo: Ahmadreza89 / Pixabay / Pixabay License