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Which Zombie Apocalypse Do You Think You Could Survive?

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Everyone thinks they know how to survive a zombie outbreak, but there are some epidemics of the undead that are just too much for one person to weather. It’s possible you could endure a Zombieland scenario as long you kept your wits about you and didn’t run out of food. But what about if you’re faced with the amped-up zombies from 28 Days Later, or the sneaky and charming creatures from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? That’s when things get complicated. 

Zombies only want one thing: your brains. They’ll stop at nothing to make sure you end up digesting in what’s left of their stomachs, and that isn’t great for an average person's life expectancy. Regardless of what kind of zombie apocalypse you’re dealing with, the only way to get through it alive is by being prepared. If you study up on the different types of zombie apocalypses, you might increase your chances of seeing another day. 

  • Zombie Type: These bad boys are fast. Like, Olympic runner fast. They'll do anything they can to rip you apart, but they're easy to trick. It doesn't take much for Bill Murray to fool them by pretending to be a zombie himself. 

    Setting: In this scenario, the whole world is beset with zombies, and the best you can do is move from place to place and hope they don't follow you.  

    Tools At Your Disposal: Whatever you can handle is at your disposal. Baseball bats are good, swords are great, but even toilet lids work. Regardless of what you're using, you've always got to remember to double tap

    How Survivors Survive: Everyone who's still living in Zombieland stays on the move, and they drive something sturdy that can mow down members of the formerly alive. But even when they find a place to stay, they've got to keep moving so they don't meet their end.

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  • Zombie Type: Essentially, these are mad people who go on the offensive en masse. The "zombies" in this film technically have a virus that lives inside certain words in the English language. They aren't especially fast and they don't have super-strength, but they do want to infect you before they off themselves. 

    Setting: Pontypool, Ontario. The film is told from the perspective of a group of people holed up in a radio station. It's never made clear exactly how many places have been affected, though. 

    Tools At Your Disposal: You have to use your words carefully and keep to yourself. 

    How Survivors Survive: To stay alive, people attempt to change the words they used, hoping this will confuse the horde. The end of the film makes it seem like the military drops a nuke on everyone, though, so it's unlikely anyone makes it out.

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  • Zombie Type: The zombies of 28 Days Later have a virus that causes rage. You know those stories where a mother picks up a car because she's filled with adrenaline? Well, the infected in this movie are on a constant adrenaline rush, and they're very upset about it. That means they're quick enough to chase you down and strong enough to tear you apart faster than you can say "Cillian Murphy." 

    Setting: This outbreak hits the most populated areas the hardest, with London getting the brunt of the rage malady. It spreads to the countryside, but only because people start heading that way. 

    Tools At Your Disposal: Your best bet in this scenario is to keep your wits about you and stay out of the way. That means avoiding both the affected and the living - in some cases, they're just as bad. 

    How Survivors Survive: This movie's survivors find their way to a remote cottage to ride out the zombie menace. Their new home is far enough away from other people that they don't have to worry about accidentally bumping into either a member of the infected or a creep who wants to disrupt their idyllic harmony. 

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  • Zombie Type: You've seen slow zombies, you've seen fast zombies, but have you seen parkour zombies? Not only can these creatures run like the wind, but they can jump, tumble, and climb on top of each other. They're not unstoppable, but they're hard to escape. 

    Setting: These zombies are everywhere, especially in highly populated areas. If there's an airport in your city, then you're going to have an outbreak. 

    Tools At Your Disposal: First of all, there's a "vaccine" available that camouflages survivors from the zombies, so that's a big plus. Other than that, you've got the standard items to keep you alive. 

    How Survivors Survive: In this outbreak, the military successfully sets up safe zones where people can hide from the parkour creatures. Meanwhile, the UN is desperately trying to come up with solutions for getting rid of the growing zombie problem.

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