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Which Zombie Apocalypse Do You Think You Could Survive?

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Vote up the zombie apocalypses you think you could survive.

Everyone thinks they know how to survive a zombie outbreak, but there are some epidemics of the undead that are just too much for one person to weather. It’s possible you could endure a Zombieland scenario as long you kept your wits about you and didn’t run out of food. But what about if you’re faced with the amped-up zombies from 28 Days Later, or the sneaky and charming creatures from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? That’s when things get complicated. 

Zombies only want one thing: your brains. They’ll stop at nothing to make sure you end up digesting in what’s left of their stomachs, and that isn’t great for an average person's life expectancy. Regardless of what kind of zombie apocalypse you’re dealing with, the only way to get through it alive is by being prepared. If you study up on the different types of zombie apocalypses, you might increase your chances of seeing another day.