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Which Zombie Apocalypse Do You Think You Could Survive?

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Everyone thinks they know how to survive a zombie outbreak, but there are some epidemics of the undead that are just too much for one person to weather. It’s possible you could endure a Zombieland scenario as long you kept your wits about you and didn’t run out of food. But what about if you’re faced with the amped-up zombies from 28 Days Later, or the sneaky and charming creatures from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? That’s when things get complicated. 

Zombies only want one thing: your brains. They’ll stop at nothing to make sure you end up digesting in what’s left of their stomachs, and that isn’t great for an average person's life expectancy. Regardless of what kind of zombie apocalypse you’re dealing with, the only way to get through it alive is by being prepared. If you study up on the different types of zombie apocalypses, you might increase your chances of seeing another day. 

  • Zombie Type: These zombies are very slow and very English. They also have a keen sense of when there's a member of the living hanging around, so you've got to stay quiet. 

    Setting: "Z-Day," as it's referred to in the movie, hits England hard, but it does its worst in the metropolitan areas of London. 

    Tools At Your Disposal: Whatever you've got handy: a cricket bat, your stepdad's car, or - if you're lucky - the boomstick hanging above the bar at your local pub. 

    How Survivors Survive: Staying quiet and hiding out until the cavalry shows up and saves the day.  

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    Zombie Type: The walkers on this show are as slow as slow can be. They're prone to falling apart, so the longer they're around, the less of an issue they pose. But new walkers spring up whenever people perish. 

    Setting: This takes place everywhere, but the show essentially covers the American South. There are swamps, woodland areas, and a ton of human-made obstacles. 

    Tools At Your Disposal: You can dispatch walkers with anything you can get your hands on: a shovel, an archery kit, or even a car. Mostly, it depends whether you can scrounge up enough resources to keep the hordes at bay. 

    How Survivors Survive: Most everyone who makes it on TWD bands together to form a new society. It's a lot of hard work, but it's worth it to have someone watching your back.

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    Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

    Zombie Type: These zombies are more or less like ordinary people. They can walk and talk and discuss societal matters, but they also want to eat your brains. After their first taste of frontal lobe, their transformation speeds up every time they feed.

    Setting: Victorian England, where it's always foggy and cold. 

    Tools At Your Disposal: In this scenario, those most adept at fighting zombies have been trained to use a sword, as well as in the arts of karate and kung fu. If you don't know how to neutralize a zombie via hand-to-hand engagement, you can rely on the wall around London and the moat that surrounds the outer areas of England - known as "The In-Between." 

    How Survivors Survive: To survive this very polite zombie outbreak, the English stay vigilant and learn how to fight like a character from an action movie. Also - and this can't be stressed enough - they dig giant holes that no one can cross. 

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  • Zombie Type: Slow walkers, but this time there's a lot of them - so many that eventually, they'll overwhelm you and whatever stronghold you've discovered. 

    Setting: This global world apocalypse hits the hardest in urban areas with a dense population, but the movie takes place in and around Pittsburgh.  

    Tools At Your Disposal: Whatever you can use. If you know how to clean and maintain an AK-47, then you're good to go. If all you can do is swing a baseball bat, though, that's what you're stuck with against the hordes. 

    How Survivors Survive: After locking themselves in a mall, they live a reasonabl normal life - until a bunch of bikers and zombies get inside. From there, they take a helicopter to safety... but are they ever really safe?

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