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The Best Zombie & Supernatural Shows On Hulu

23 Apr 2020 55 votes 15 voters25 items

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You'll come alive when watching the best zombie shows on Hulu, and feel the magic with the best Hulu supernatural series. Not all zombies are of a supernatural origin, but zombie shows share a lot of traits with the more fantastical supernatural series. Some supernatural TV series available on streaming are about a demon-summoned zombie apocalypse while other Hulu supernatural shows focus on the vampires living their daily lives. Some of the best supernatural shows on Hulu right now feature a hint of humor to break-up all the gore, like Ash vs Evil Dead.

What will be at the top this list of zombie shows streaming on Hulu? Fear the Walking Dead has to be one. Set prior to the events of its predecessor, The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead follows a family as they adjust to the onset of the apocalypse. Zomboat! Is another good zombie show on Hulu and takes a new spin on evading zombies. For other supernatural creatures, What We Do In The Shadows gives a mocumentary-style take on the lives of vampires and their undead and otherwise monsterous associates, while Buffy takes down undead and demonic forces alike. If you are looking for a supernatural show on Hulu where the zombies aren't the villains, check-out the BAFTA award-winning series, In the Flesh.

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