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Zookeepers Share The Horrifying Stories Of Resident Animals Eating Each Other

Updated 12 Mar 2018 66.8k views18 items

Despite being pandered to the masses as enclaves of animal safety and conservation, zoos are terrible places where even the safety of endangered animals is never guaranteed. Unfortunately, zoo animals eating other animals not only happens, it often happens where everyone sees it, patrons included. All it takes for zoo animals to eat other zoo animals is for the dumbest animals - the ones running the zoo - to make a single error, such as letting zoo animals escape. Usually when zookeepers fail to take the proper precautions, zoo animal feeding frenzies occur. That being said, many outrageous zookeeper stories where zoo animals ate each other happened for no obvious reasons at all, leaving people to guess why zoo animals eat other members of their zoo. If you think about what captivity does to humans, you start to wonder what that sort of thing might do to a tiger, gazelle, or lemur.

But sometimes, zoo animals kill each other simply because - as The Lion King puts it, - it's the circle of life. In the real world, sh*t happens, but as a few smart Reddit zookeepers put it, "predation occurs." These wild zookeeper stories of zoo animals eating each other show that same circle of life in action, and give you another reason to simply avoid zoos altogether. 

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