The Most Satisfying Easter Eggs in Zootopia

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While Disney’s Zootopia is busy breaking box office records, it’s also breaking records for how many Easter eggs and references can be jammed into a movie. Modern Disney films are known for making references to previous movies, but the amount of Disney references in Zootopia is staggering. One animator said that to truly catch all of the Easter eggs in Zootopia, you would have to go frame by frame. This list compiles many of the references to past and future Disney films, as well as some random nods to ice cream companies from the east coast and a concept of biology that might have something to do with mice. Prepare to go down the rabbit hole and take a look at all the Zootopia Easter eggs that you definitely missed.

Trying to catch all of the Easter eggs in an animated Disney film is like trying to map the known universe: you’re never going to get everything. When you have a massive team of writers and animators like Disney films do, you’re bound to end up with a whole lot of in-jokes and references that are indecipherable to a regular viewer. And depending on what age group you fall into, the Easter eggs might not even make sense to you. That’s why this list catalogs all of the Easter eggs you didn’t catch in Zootopia.

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    Duke Weaselton's Bootleg DVDs

    Some of the bootleg DVDs that Duke Weaselton is selling on the sidewalk seem eerily familiar. Titles like Pig Hero 6Wrangled, Wreck It Rhino, Meowna, Giraffic, and Floatzen 2 are all plays on the titles of recent or upcoming Disney films. 
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    Even Animals Can't Resist The Charms Of Frozen

    One of the most satisfying Easter eggs comes in the form of two young elephants who are dressed as Princess Anna and Queen Elsa from Frozen while they ice skate with their dad in Tundra Town. 
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    Mr. Big Makes A Reference You Can't Refuse

    In the film, Nick is in big trouble with a character named Mr. Big who is a direct homage to Marlon Brando's performance in The Godfather. Mr. Big's daughter is even getting married, which is a huge plot point in the classic film. 
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    The Music On Judy's iPod

    Blink and you'll miss it, but the music on Judy's iPod looks pretty good. She's got songs by the Fur Fighters, Fleetwood Yak, and The Beagles. But the artist she ends up listening to, Gazelle (played by Shakira), is an Easter egg wrapped inside of an Easter egg, with her Disney-referencing titles like  "Part of Your Wool," "Ara-bunny Nights," and, "Let it Goat." 
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    The Sheep Working In The Lab

    Late in the film, Judy and Nick drop into a train car that might look familiar to fans of AMC's Breaking Bad. Inside, there's a sheep wearing a yellow hazmat suit who's working on a mysterious blue liquid and talking about two sheep named Jesse and Walter. Is there a scene in this movie that doesn't reference a cult phenomenon? 
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    Did That Sloth Sound Familiar To You?

    When Judy and Nick visit the DMV they meet a sloth voiced by Kristen Bell (whose love of the slo-mo mammal was proved on Ellen), who also voiced Princess Anna in Frozen
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