13 'Zootopia' Fan Theories That Make A Lot Of Sense

For fans of this anthropomorphic noir, look no further to vote on your favorite Zootopia fan theories surrounding this Disney hit! In Disney's animated feature Zootopia, anthropomorphic animals inhabit the titular city without fear of the food chain. Long ago, an agreement was was made where the predators would no longer hunt the prey. However, something seems to have gotten into the predators and now it's up to new police officer Judy Hopps and her unlikely companion Nick Wilde to figure out why. With a cute-but-nuanced mythology, Zootopia leaves the door wide open for speculative fan theories. Some involve government corruption. Others profer the idea that Zootopia crosses over with other animated universes. There's even one that suggests Emmitt Otterton is a drug addict!

So check out all these Zootopia fan theories and vote up your favorites!